Top 10 News of Northwest University 2018

                      1.    NWU thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and strengthened party building and ideological political work.

                      We will study and implement Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era and the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, working hard in understanding, getting through, and being practical, and promoting “Carry Forward the Spirit of Patriotism and Building a New Era of Merit” activities and “Maintain Politics, Dare to Take Responsibility, Improve Style of Work” thematic educational activities. We will fully implement the spirit of the National Education Conference, deepen the implementation of various measures of ideological political work, and build a “Three-comprehensive Cultivation” work pattern. The “Dream Building Pioneer” undergraduate party branch of the College of Life Sciences was approved as a model branch of the National University Party Building Work. The party committee of NWU was awarded the advanced provincial university party committee, and the model university of provincial university party building “Entrepreneurship and Innovation”. The school union won the title of “National Model Workers’ Home” and School of Marxism was approved the first batch of key School of Marxism in Shaanxi Province. One counselor won the finalist of “the National University Counselor of the Year”. The university was listed as one of the national civilized campus models by the Central Civilization Office. Party secretary of NWU Wang Yajie was invited to participate in the series interviews of the China Civilization Network. The monthly “Shaanxi Good Fellow List” release ceremony of September to October was successfully held. Chen Weixing and other eight teachers and students of NWU won the title of “Shaanxi Good Fellow”.

                      2.    NWU is listed top 200 universities in the Asia-Pacific region by Times Higher Education (THE) ranking, and steady progress was made in the construction plan of “Double First-Class” initiative.

                      NWU is listed top 200 universities of the Asia-Pacific region for the first time in THE 2019 ranking and ranked No. 1 in China’s regional research university in the Cuaa. Net 2019 ranking. We comprehensively and systematically summarize the experience of the fourth round of China Discipline Ranking, and build an integrated and progressive discipline development system based on “Discipline Direction – Discipline Team – Discipline Platform – Discipline Cluster”. We have promoted the re-establishment of medical discipline and Xi’an No.1 Hospital and Xi’an No.3 Hospital became the affiliated hospitals to the School of Medicine, NWU. NWU had created a discipline-building special zone, and had solidly promoted the construction of first-class discipline in geology and the cultivation of first-class discipline in archaeology.

                      3.    “One College, One Policy” has been launched in an all-round way, and comprehensive reforms have shown phased results.

                      In accordance with the principle of “Overall Management and Classified Guidance”, the reform has been comprehensively expanded in depth and breadth, and phased results have been achieved in comprehensive reforms, which have further stimulated the vitality and development momentum of the university. We continued to push forward the reform of “One College, One Policy”, and the comprehensive reform plans for all colleges have been completed. The large department system reform is steadily advanced, and the Department of Life Sciences and Medicine, the Department of History, the Human Resources Department, and the Office of International Cooperation were established. The construction of management efficiency is constantly optimized, and the level of service precision is constantly improved.

                      4.    NWU has won three national teaching achievement awards and the level of talent cultivation has been constantly improved.

                      We have won three second prizes of national teaching achievements. The full credit system has been implemented among first-year undergraduates in 2018. Study on Dynamic Adjustment Mechanism of Resource Exploration Engineering Training Program under the Background of Low Oil Price was selected into the first batch of national new engineering research and practice projects. Two majors have passed the engineering education professional certification. Wu Fenghua won the third prize of the National College Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition in Liberal Arts Section. Four teachers of NWU won prizes in the Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition of Shaanxi. In the CUMCM, NECCS, Electronic Design Contest, the 4th China “Internet +” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and other competitions, students from NWU won 7 international awards and 286 national awards.

                      5.    5 major national projects of NWU have been approved and scientific research has made new breakthroughs.

                      123 projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, 36 other national science and technology projects, and 12 landmark projects of NWU are approved, among which the Evolution of the Cambrian Eruption Ecosystem in the charge of Zhang Xingliang has received major project funding. Yuan Honglin has been granted the National Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project and four teachers of NWU were selected to be supported by Shaanxi Outstanding Youth Fund. The Early Life and Environment Innovation Team was selected as the innovation team in the key areas of the Ministry of Science and Technology’s Innovative Talent Promotion Plan and four teams from NWU were selected as the key field Science and Technology Innovation Team in Shaanxi Province. We have been approved for 42 projects of the National Social Science Fund, of which Li Hao, Duan Qingbo, Xi Heng and Duan Jianjun were respectively awarded the major bidding projects of the National Social Science Fund. We have won 8 awards for science and technology in Shaanxi Province and 34 awards for outstanding achievements in philosophy and social sciences in Shaanxi Province. Han Zhibin and other teachers won the second prize for outstanding achievements in national ethnic studies, and Guo Han won the award for writing of “Liu Shibai Economics Award”.

                      6.    12 academician (prestigious experts in social sciences) studios have been established and the talent team has been upgraded.

                      We have set up 12 academician (prestigious experts in social sciences) studios and held academician New Year forum. One person was selected into the National Overseas High-level Talent Introduction Plan, one foreign expert was selected into the National Top Foreign Experts, and two were selected into the Youth Support Program of China Association for Science and Technology. We have 6 more “Yangtze River Scholars” and 2 New Century Outstanding Talents approved by the Ministry of Education. 89 provincial-level talents such as Thousand Talents Program of Shaanxi Province, Special Support Plan, talents of “Six Batches”, College Outstanding Young Talents, and New Stars of Science and Technology, and 4 “Sanqin Scholars” innovation teams. Fan Daidi was elected as one of the first batch of members of the CIESC, and Hua Hong was elected as vice chairman of the Paleontological Society of China. Fifteen people were elected as members of the University Teaching Committee of the Ministry of Education, and one was selected into the primary selection list of the “Ten Thousands Talents Plan” teaching masters of the Organization department of CPC central committee. Three people were appraised as Shaanxi teaching masters. The selection of young talents in NWU was initiated, and 38 people were selected for the “Zhongying Young Scholars” and “Youth Academic Talents” projects. Two teachers won the “Pacemaker of Teachers’ Ethics” and “Advanced Individual of Teachers’ Ethics” in Shaanxi Province, and the School of Economics and Management was awarded the “Advanced Collective of Teachers’ Ethics Construction” in Shaanxi Province.

                      7.    5 doctoral degree authorization points of first-level discipline were approved and progress has been made in degree and graduate education.

                      5 doctoral degree authorization programs of first-level discipline, namely, Marxist Theory, Drama and Film Studies, Geography, Public Management and Business Administration were approved. We have been approved for the admission qualification of master and doctoral students from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Eight dissertations of NWU won the excellent doctoral dissertation of Shaanxi Province. We were awarded 8 first prizes and 7 second prizes for the Shaanxi Graduate Innovation Achievement Exhibition and NWU won the “Excellent Organization Award”. The first batch of five “Provincial Postgraduate Joint Cultivation Demonstration Workstations” passed the performance appraisal. Our graduate students have published more than 650 SCI papers as the first author. We completed the self-assessment of conformity assessment for 50 degree authorization points and the revision of the cultivation program of 77 degree points and 14 professional degree authorization categories (areas) in 26 cultivation units.

                      8.    The Continental Structure Collaborative Innovation Center was recognized by the Ministry of Education, and achievements have been made in the construction of platform think tank.

                      2 national science and technology innovation bases and 12 provincial and ministerial science and technology innovation bases were approved. The Continental Structure Collaborative Innovation Center jointly built by the province and Ministry of Education was recognized by the Ministry of Education. The Xi’an Urban Ecosystem Positioning Observation Research Station in Shaanxi province was approved by the State Administration of Forestry and Grassland for construction. The Northern Shaanxi Energy Technology with Chemical engineering Research Center of the Ministry of Education passed the quality acceptance. The Collaborative Innovation Center for Inheritance and Development Research of China Excellent Culture was recognized by the “2011 Collaborative Innovation Center” of Shaanxi Province. Institute of Silk Road Studies, the Research Center of Economic Development in Western China and Institute of Middle Eastern Studies were all selected into the top 100 list of Chinese university think tank institution. The Research Center of Economic Development in Western China was selected into China’s core think tank of the year. Shaanxi Collaborative Innovation Center for Macroeconomics and Economic Growth Quality won the second prize of Best Management of CTTI-BPA. One countermeasure obtained the instructions of the central leadership and six were adopted by the central and relevant national ministries.

                      9.    NWU regained the “111” Talent Recruitment Base, and new progress has been made in international cooperation and exchanges.

                      The Innovation Talent Recruitment Base of Silk Road Science and Technology Archaeological and Cultural Heritage Protection was approved as a national “111” Talent Recruitment Base, becoming the second “111” Talent Recruitment Base of Shaanxi provincial universities and NWU. We have signed 20 cooperation agreements with 17 universities and research institutes in 12 countries and regions. NWU has sent 424 teaching and research personnel and management cadres, and 557 students abroad for study and training. We have received 104 batches of 969 students from universities and educational research institutions from 22 countries (regions), and recruited 1151 international students from 57 countries and regions to study at NWU. We have invited 5 Nobel laureates to come to the university to give lectures as honored professors, and set up the first Nobel Prize laureate studio in Shaanxi. NWU has been approved for 3 top foreign expert projects and 7 provincial and ministerial level or above international scientific research cooperation projects, and signed Wisteria Scientific Research Cooperation contract with more than 120 overseas high-level researchers.

                      10.   NWU has carried out comprehensive cooperation with Xi’an Municipal Government and social service capacity has been constantly enhanced.

                      NWU signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xi’an People’s Municipal Government to carry out comprehensive cooperation. We also signed university-local government cooperation agreements with Xianyang City, Yulin City and Neijiang City and signed university-enterprise cooperation agreements with BGI, Shaanxi Blower (Group) Co., Ltd, XABC and other enterprises and public institutions. NWU and the organization department of Provincial Party committee jointly established the Chinese Cultural Cadre Institute, and we established the Chinese Traditional Culture Training College and the Archives Talent Training Base of Shaanxi Province. NWU successfully held the “Dream Back to Chang’an – One Million Alumni’s Return” Special Activity at Northwest University, established the House of Alumni, Alumni Economic Headquarters and Alumni Entrepreneur Alliance. The “Four Subjects and One Alliance” model of NWU and Yanchang Petroleum (Group) Co., Ltd. was selected into Top 100 Cases of Comprehensive Innovation and Reform Experiment of the National Development and Reform Commission. NWU was awarded as the provincial advanced unit for poverty alleviation as it organized 19 training sessions on poverty alleviation, set up 3 local science and technology workstations and organized 3 offline sales activities and “Internet +” poverty alleviation activities. We invested 600,000 yuan in Huangshan Village, which is the counterpart poverty alleviation village of NWU, and established three planting and breeding professional cooperatives and mutual fund associations.







                                          庄家 亚盘