Delegation of Chartwell Hamilton Group Visited NWU

                      John Danielson, president of Chartwell Hamilton Group, led a delegation to Northwest University (NWU) on January 24. Fan Yongbin, deputy director of the Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, and Guo Lihong, president of NWU, met with the delegation on Taibai campus. Representatives from the International Office of Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education, Office of International Cooperation of NWU and the School of Information Science and Technology, NWU, attended the meeting.

                      During the meeting, Fan Yongbin introduced the basic situation of Shaanxi education and its opening to the world and stated NWU is a provincial key comprehensive university jointly constructed by the State and Shaanxi Provincial People’s Government. Shaanxi Provincial Department of Education attaches great importance to the cooperation projects between NWU and colleges and universities in the United States, and hopes Mr. John Danielson, on the basis of an in-depth understanding of NWU, will bring our desire for cooperation and related information back to the United States and communicate with relevant universities so as to promote cooperation as soon as possible.

                      Guo Lihong gave a brief introduction to NWU and the international cooperation. He stated that NWU plans to cooperate with the colleges and universities in the United States in artificial intelligence, which would echo the future direction of technology and promote the internationalization of NWU by taking the advantages of disciplinary development. He also thanked Mr. John Danielson for introducing high-quality educational resources to NWU and hoped to have an in-depth discussion on the details of cooperation as soon as possible.

                      John Danielson said that the key mission of this visit is to facilitate the high-quality educational cooperation and exchanges between China and the United States by promoting the cooperation among NWU and the colleges and universities in the United States in artificial intelligence and exploring new models of modern education.

                      The delegation also visited the School of Information Science and Technology on Chang’an campus, learned more about the development of related disciplines of NWU and sorted out the follow-up arrangement.

                      Founded in 2009, Chartwell Hamilton Group is a world-renowned international education consulting company headquartered in New York, USA, with offices in Washington DC and London. The company has implemented many international education programs, including the program of New York University Abu Dhabi. (Photo / Wang Bochen)